Your Life, Your Rules – Why Happiness Shouldn’t Feel Like Hard Work

You’re reading Your Life, Your Rules Why Happiness Shouldn t Feel Like Hard Work, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’re enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Fool Me Once, Shame On You The biggest lie I was told growing up was that I had to work extremely hard to be happy and get what I want. That I needed to make sacrifices such as sleeping less to do more and minimizing my leisure time, sometimes doing things I didn’t want to do and ultimately following the rules I was given regardless of how I felt about them… because that’s just life, right? The dream had been disguised as a job that paid well with great benefits, that would ensure stability and security (even if I didn’t like it). Do I Have a Say In This? But whatever happened to how I feel? Did anyone ask me what I thought about this whole ordeal? Absolutely not. We are molded to think this is the only way but it’s not. Reality Bites What really made me


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Born in Chicago and living in Alaska, Russell H Armstrong or Russ Armstrong to my friends, I love helping business owners, salesman, managers, and directors get the most of their benefits including insurance, sales, and taxes. With a global perspective, the business minded Russell Armstrong is a recognized expert. Russ H Armstrong started his career at a young age by starting his own business. Through both success and failure, he has led an amazing career that has been focused on delivering value to the people around him. When Russ Armstrong is not in the office, he enjoys Alaska outdoors, eating classic Chicago food, and being with family.

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